Tantric Relationship Coaching

Tantrikas believe we can use and embrace everything in the earthly realm to help the soul on its evolutionary journey. We can create a sense of safety to explore sensual intimacy with ourselves and others. We can use rituals, breath practices, eye gazing, yoga, massage, sensuality, sexual energy, intimate relating techniques to help with presence, relaxation, and healing. Orgasm is not the goal in tantric relating, it is more about relaxation and healing. And truly, there are no expectations, just moment to moment awareness.
Tantric relationships are about: the spiritual evolution of both partners. Sexual Energy is so accessible, so why not use it to help us move into a deep spiritual state. Sexual Energy is about pleasure, but also self-acceptance and connecting with yourself and your partner on a spiritual and intimate level with authenticity. The creative energy behind sex can be channeled into an experience of pure awareness and timelessness, and pure freedom.
How is Tantric Dating different from regular dating?
- Regular dating focuses on imperfections and disposability; it is more about the ego and satisfying our insecurity about our desirability
- Tantric dating is about recognizing that radiant spark of divine consciousness, not letting just physical attractiveness drive our choices
- Allowing that everyone can potentially be our beloved
- Tantra is about changing our personal frequency
- Transmitting more love and awareness; Allowing for more love and awareness

Learn how we can use tantric relating techniques to
- Live a heart-centered life
- Create a healthy inner fire to clear obstacles, bring more insight to this moment, and a choice to bring in a different experience that is of value to this moment
- Express your true self authentically
- How to move your creative, sexual energy
- How to feel more empowered and alive in all aspects of your life
- Understand the innate wisdom of your body and release sexual ignorance and shame (moksha or freedom)
- Foster love, passion, intimacy, and honesty in all your connections
- Connect more fully to your dharma (purpose)
- Foster a higher sense of which paths (Artha) are the most supportive for forming healthy connections

How can we use mindfulness, sensuality, love, and intimacy to facilitate a spiritual connection? How can we connect more profoundly to our soul and the souls of others? How can we facilitate inner growth?

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