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All of the substances and products used in the body treatments are made with the intention to be digested by the body. We have to be able to eat all of our therapies. Ayurveda uses all avenues available to get herbs into the system. Different routes include: the skin, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, colon, urethra, vagina for women and energy points (marma points). We have many different ways of preparing herbalized formulas to target certain tissues, channels and diseases. Some of the preparations include: medicated oils and ghees, decoctions, teas, spice mixtures, syrups, tinctures, medicated wines, salves, balms, broths, lassis, and food preparations. Ayurveda takes advantage of everything that is available. Vibrant Health Ayurveda + Yoga in Boulder, CO provides all of these supplies.

Ayurveda is the only system that has the unique and profound cleansing regimen called Panchakarma (5 actions). This is a strong detoxification procedure that removes toxins, and the excess doshas which are the causes of disease. 

This procedure acts on the body and mind. There has been research indicating that this is the best way to remove heavy metals in the body. You will spend anywhere from 8 to 30 days in Panchakarma eating a lighter diet, getting body treatments, undergoing the cleansing procedures, and then finally concluding with rejuvenation. One takes medicated ghee during the initial phase while abstaining from oils, yeasts, alcohol, processed foods, refined sugar, cold or raw foods. This helps to give the digestive system a break while it enters into a fat metabolism mode. This means that the body uses fat for a calorie resource. Since the body is in fat metabolism mode, people typically lose weight. The liver places toxins into the fat layer when it doesn’t know what to do with the substance or is overloaded or not functioning in an optimal way. So, when the body starts breaking down that fat layer, the toxins are released and brought to the GI tract. So, the medicated ghee acts as a protective layer against the toxins in the GI tract and it attracts the fat-soluble toxins to the GI tract. We use therapeutic measures like purgation to remove those toxins from the GI tract. And then finish with medicated enemas to clean, and rejuvenate the colon, and ground the entire system. You will feel cleaner, more clear, brighter, and more energetic after these cleanses. Vibrant Health Ayurveda + Yoga in Boulder, CO offers the full spectrum of cleansing and Panchakarma services plus all of the associated body treatments. You can enjoy the body treatments on their own or within a cleansing regimen.

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