The Deluxe Body Treatments

Complete Body Balance – $185

A nurturing warm medicated oil massage and herbal steam bath with herbs and scents of essential oils, followed by a Shirodhara (warm oil stream on forehead). Aids all mind and body conditions.

Weightloss/Balance Package – $205

Herbal steam bath followed by a medicated body oil application. Finish with an herbal paste application formulated specifically for weight loss or other imbalance. Great for weight gain, stimulating the lymph system, edema, allergies, and congestion.

Skin & Circulation Package – $190

Warm oil applied to the entire body following by herbal poultices. Herb and rice filled bolus bags are cooked in coconut milk and more herbs. This heat treatment causes a deep perspiration and an increased circulation; these both help to release toxins, and reduce excess heat in the body. Helps heat issues or pain issues in the body, skin disorders, neuromuscular disorders, joint issues, inflammation, menopause.

Vibrant Senses Package – $180

Nasal treatment, eye treatment, ear treatment are followed by an abhyanga (warm oil body treatment). All senses are returned to their natural state of vibrancy. This will help allergies, colds, any issues with any of the 5 senses.

Energetic Body Balancing Package – $190

Marmas, which are the energetic points in the physical body that allow prana to enter, are massaged with special herbal oils to open and balance the whole system. Activating marmas can change our body chemistry and to help it produce exactly what it needs to heal. The marma protocol is followed by an abhyanga (warm oil body treatment), and a shirodhara (warm oil on the forehead). This is a very subtle body treatment which can be valuable in life transitions, or coming out of intense medical treatment protocols or appropriate after other cleansing therapies.