Tinctures are strong mediums to deliver herbs deep into the nervous system

  • Digestive  – digestion-enhancing herbs in a peppery red wine to balance all digestive issues, such as indigestion, gas, bloating ….
  • Vata calming – grounding, sleep-promoting herbs in lemon vodka
  • Pitta cooling – calming and cooling mind herbs in lime vodka
  • Energizing/focus – enlivening and focusing herbs in a juniper-flavored gin
  • Blood pressure ease – herbs to help decrease blood pressure and calm the nervous system in balsamic vinegar
  • Anti-Parasite – strong anti-microbial herbs in balsamic vinegar to treat many types of microbial conditions like Candida, giardiasis ……
  • Immune Modulating & Stimulating- herbs to help calm an overactive immune system, and slowly build a properly functioning immune system in auslese wine
  • Mind Calming Tincture with Glycerine 
  • Mind Calming Tincture with Alcohol
  • Anxiety Reducing  – specific herbal formula for anxiety
  • Heart Tonic – strengthens the heart, and balances blood pressure, and improves circulation
  • 9 Herb Energy –  a powerful natural  herbal formula to energize the body and mind, helps you to feel more vital
  • Anti-Lyme disease – herbal formula specific for eliminating Lyme disease

Tinctures are strong mediums to deliver herbs deep into the nervous system

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9 Herb Energy, Anti-Krumi Tincture, Anti-Lyme disease, Anxiety Reducing, Blood Pressure Ease, Digestion Tincture, Energize/Focus the Mind, Heart Tonic, Immune Modulating, Stimulating, Mind Calming Tincture with Alcohol, Mind Calming Tincture with Glycerine, Pitta Mind Tincture, Vata Mind Tincture

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