The Goals of Ayurveda are:

  • To keep the body in a state of health and free from disease.
  • To free us from suffering.
  • To show one how to use health as a basis for their true purpose in Life.
  • When we live our lives in such a way that we choose things that support our true purpose in Life, we are on the path of enlightenment.


The guiding principles of Ayurveda are:

  • Take time each day to quiet your mind (meditate).
  • Eat a colorful, flavorful diet.
  • Engage in daily exercise that enhances flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Sleep soundly at night.
  • Eliminate what is not serving you.
  • Cultivate loving, nurturing relationships.
  • Perform work that awakens your passion.

How Ayurveda views disease:

What is the Cause of Disease? Ayurveda believes that all diseases being in the mind and in the digestive system. Disease primarily occurs because of irregular lifestyle, harmful diet and over usage of the senses. Ayurveda tells us that freedom from sickness depends on contacting our own awareness or self-understanding, and then extending that new understanding to balance the mind & body.

What is the Cure for disease? Perfect Health is already within us. Ayurveda says Perfect Health or Svastha is when we choose new actions, which serve our body, mind, and our soul but not the ego. The cure is bringing more prana or vitality into our lives via the senses. This means we choose fresh, organic, cooked whole foods for taste, pleasant sights for the eyes, enlivening aromas for the nose, nurturing sounds for the ears, and soothing touches for the skin. We move to a healthy and joyful life when we truly understand ourselves, awaken to our true nature, and become aware. Yoga helps in the attainment of health by helping us to identify where energy is stuck in the body and mind, and what thought patterns are holding us back from truly living our fullest potentiated vibrant life.

How do you make choices that align with your Perfect Health? Meditate on what you need, and not on what you want. What you need may not always feel easy or pleasant, but it does feel necessary. Trust and Faith in the process and discipline (tapas) are necessary. Doubt is the obstacle or poison to the process of healing. Vibrant Health Ayurveda + Yoga in Boulder, CO can help you identify the changes and choices that support your healing path.

What does Perfect Health Look Like? Ayurveda explains that when we are in balance, our doshas can express themselves in the most positive manner. We are at our best, our most efficient, and our most productive. The key is to learn some simple diet and lifestyle tips recommended for our Vata-Pitta-Kapha signature to keep us in balance, and healthy in mind and body.  There is a certain lucidity, illumination, glow and vibrancy to skin and eyes, and the person carries a sattvic or pure light energetic aura about them. The largest part of Ayurveda is to live in harmony with Nature. Whole foods are the gifts of nature, and we connect with nature by eating those whole foods. When we eat in harmony with nature, we honor our own nature. See some of our Ayurvedic meals recipes.