Food, Sex, Sleep

A happy and healthy life depends on these 3 pillars being in balance in the Ayurvedic and chiropractic worlds. We will discuss what proper food/digestion, proper sex, and proper sleep looks like, how to improve them, and how they relate to spinal health, and an optimally functioning nervous system. There will be food, and an ayurvedic dessert at this free event on Monday August 27, 2018, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Network Family Wellness Center. 1715 15th Street Suite B Boulder, CO 80302

Saturday, Sept. 15 – Sunday, Sept. 16th

Colorado Holistic Fair

10 am – 5 pm
Join us at The Ranch, Larimer County Fairgrounds, First National Bank Building in the South Hall – as you explore alternative choices in taking care of your body, mind, spirit and our environment. I will be offering 20 minute Ayurvedic Consultations, and ayurvedic products for a greatly reduced price.
Week of Aug 19th
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