Can be done in person or over the phone

Ayurveda Remote Initial Consult + 3 follow-up visits – $500


  • A free remote 20 minute consultation
  • A Health Inventory 
  • Pulse Diagnosis 
  • Tongue Diagnosis 
  • A Discussion of Different Ayurvedic Therapies
  • and Reported Findings

Therapies that will be recommended include:

Your essential constitution (prakruti), and your imbalance (vikruti) are determined and am ayurvedic yoga therapy plan is developed for your unique state of health. My intention is to work with you for 3 to 12 months to help you shift your patterns and symptoms and teach you the tools to heal yourself.  I offer complete written notes to keep you on track, and to teach you why and how the yoga therapies will help you. You are healing yourself by implementing the recommendations. You will experience a deeper understanding of yourself, and how and when to apply the ayurvedic therapies to yourself.

Remote Ayurveda Follow Up Visit (part of 3 visit bundle or separately for $100

A follow-up visit to modify therapies.  We will discuss how you are progressing, how symptoms are changing, modifications for challenges you may be experiencing, and new herbal formulas, body therapies, diet changes, aromatherapy applications, and yoga practice changes.

Yoga & Meditation Consult $50, Follow Up Yoga Visits $25

Private 1 on 1 or small group yoga instruction sessions.  Having a personalized at home yoga practice is extremely beneficial.  It is tailored to your unique mind, body, and spirit needs. By engaging in a regular personal yoga and meditation practice, you will experience profound changes in your life. You will feel clearer, and less stuck in your daily life.  Yoga helps your mental and spiritual health and augments all the ayurvedic practices.  Using the tools of both yoga and ayurveda rocket ships you to vibrant health.

Custom Herbal Formulas starting at $20

Full apothecary for making individualized herbal formulas, oils, salves, tinctures, essential oil blends, syrups, medicated ghee.

Vedic Therapy Visit $75

To help you further develop your own healing capacity using meditations, mantras, breathing techniques to identify your unique purpose in life and resistance pockets. We often engage in self-defeating behavior and self-talk patterns unconsciously. In this series of visits, we uncover what you are ultimately meant to do in your life, and what are the obstacles holding you back from fulfilling your full potential. We bring all of the unconscious patterning to the service for examination. We identify how to turn those patterns around, and then we pull in those practices that will help you turn the unsupportive patterns around.

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IMPORTANT: Please schedule a 20 min free consultation before booking any appointment. *Body treatments can be scheduled without a consultation.

Vibrant Health Ayurveda + Yoga located in the Boulder and Denver areas of Colorado uniquely offers both Ayurveda and Yoga services in one location.