To see that all of life is divine. This is the intention of Tantric yoga. The meaning of tantra is “to weave”.  With Tantra Yoga we weave everyday life and  yoga mat life together, we bridge the outer world with the inner world, we merge the physical world with the energetic realm, and merge the individual self with the universal self. Everything that is in the spiritual world is also in the physical world.

Tantra is a whole system of energy (prana) management that uses the sciences of Ayurveda, yoga, psychology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, geometry, astronomy, astrology, numerology, alchemy, and others. Tantra practices include:  poses, breath exercises, hand gestures, focusing on meditative pieces of art, mantras (special meaningful words), and other practices.   Learning to harness and channel our energy is the path to mastery of the mind and spiritual liberation.

We need both Ayurveda and Yoga. Ayurveda helps us attain physical health so that we can pursue the yogic path. Yoga helps us to see and understand our purpose in life in order use our health purposefully.