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Small class or individual yoga, call to schedule.  We can devise a practice to meet your health needs and time parameters.  The intention of the sessions is to find a practice that allows you to tap into your own source of healing and nurturance. You will be practicing on your own as well as meeting with me to adjust the practice. We can meet as often as you like.

Sattvic yoga will teach you how to use yoga to cultivate and balance your energy (prana) in order to achieve a sattvic or harmonious state.  The teachings are based on Tantric yoga which advocates finding the sacred in everyday life. The tools of tantra teach you how to weave your spiritual life into your everyday life. This approach to yoga narrows the gap between your everyday life and life on the mat. When you change your energy, you change yourself, and you influence your energetic landscape. This class is a journey to cultivating the power of transformation, knowledge and sustaining balance. It is ultimately a journey towards a discovery of our deeper luminescent self.