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Sex It Up Oil

I developed a new "Sex It Up" Essential Oil blend to be applied on marma points connected to the reproductive system. It is now available thru me at … [Read More...]

Decision Making

A big area of our lives where we get stuck is in decision making. There are 4  phases in decision making according to Jess Dewell of Red Direction in … [Read More...]

Mind Herbs

The difference between Ayurvedic herbs and Western Medicine  is that the ayurvedic herbs make you feel alive and the western meds help you to feel … [Read More...]

Immune Tincture

Tinctures are more readily absorbed by the body.  If  you are working with cold or flu symptoms, or compromised immunity then using this tincture will … [Read More...]

What is true Healing?

Healing is ------ the lessening of fluctuations between rajas (over activity of the body/mind) and tamas (lethargy or inertia) and gradually arriving … [Read More...]